From inquiry to offer

Inquiries can be faxed to: +49 (0) 2434/9970-11, emailed to or mailed to:
PEKOMP Kompensatorenbau GmbH, Spielburgweg 23, D-41844 Wegberg, Germany

Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will prepare a detailed proposal for you.

This will include all operating conditions relevant for the design as far as they are made ​​known to us. Information that is essential for the design of the expansion joint but not known to us, are marked with a “?”. It is recommended to clarify this lack of information and let us know. Included in the proposal is a detailed description of the design of the expansion joint as well as the exact dimensions. If accessories are offered as part of the proposal, these are also described in details. Should there be an ambiguities or discrepancies in the proposal, our technicians will consult with you to clear these up. Please include the name and phone number of an authorised contact person in your inquiry for this purpose.

Depending on the expansion joint offered, you will receive a proposal sketch providing you with more details.

The proposal includes binding information about the delivery time, pricing as well as payment and delivery terms.  Every proposal is designated with your inquiry number, a project name and a possible password. In addition, every proposal receives a proposal number that you need to specify in your consultation call or purchase orders.