From proposal to order

When a purchase order is received at PEKOMP, it is entered into the EDP system.

  • This system is used to process the entire order procedure. Process preparation Preparation of production documents for each department. Each operational step is captured by bar code reader and recorded.
  • Material batch tracking via barcode reading system. This allows you to check which material has been used in which expansion joint at any time.
  • Labelling with customer-specific information and PEKOMP consignment numbers. By using the consignment number, an expansion joint that had already been supplied can be identified with all the details and operating parameters. Outgoing goods inspection and expediting by means of delivery and checklists ensure that goods are shipped on time, complete and in perfect condition. Again, the bar code reading system is used

  • Preparation of documentation. The scope of the documentation should be coordinated with us in good time.
  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Invoicing

The advantage of this system is the quick processing of your order. In addition, access to all expansion joints and accessories ever supplied by PEKOMP in our electronic archive.