PEKOMP elastomer expansion joints (PGU)

Pekomp produces elastomer expansion joints from different elastomer qualities.

The excellent characteristics like

  • flexibility
  • tightness
  • Interruption of the structure-borne sound


characterize the material rubber. Various types and designs which take into account the particular problems of our customers can be delivered.

PEKOMP processes following standard qualities with and without fabric reinforcement in thicknesses 2, 4, 6 and 8 mm. Other qualities and thicknesses are possible.

QualityCodeTemperature rangeQuality
NeopreneCR-30°C bis +100°C
NeopreneNR-40°C bis +70°CEspecially wear-resistant quality
EPDMEPDM-50°C bis +120°CAlso available with fabric reinforcement and in electrically conductive design
ButylIIR-30°C bis +120°CAlso available in electically conductive design
HypalonCSM-30°C bis +130°C
SBRSBR-30°C bis +90°C For the Food Industry
Silikon transparentSilikon-60°C bis + 200°CFDA, BfR, WRAS
NBR-10°C bis +70°C bzw. +90°C


Faltenbalg aus Silikon 4 transparent mit Stützrimgen aus 1.4301


The maximum allowable operating pressures depend on the types and thicknesses.

PGU-compensators have been proven particularly in the following industries

  • mining and handling equipment
  • sieving equipment
  • food industry
  • ventilation systems

Special designs with the associated matched steel parts are a specialty of PEKOMP. In cooperation with our customers we can solve difficult tasks.