PEKO-Flex multi-layer (PFM)

PFM expansion joints are made from a wide variety of different fabrics, foils and insulating materials. All multilayer expansion joints are basically built over moulds. The combination of the different materials and the compensator-compatible design of the fastening elements such as loose flanges and baffles contributes significantly to a good service life. PFM expansion joints are designed for use with dry, non-condensing media. All designs can be manufactured and are possible.

Pekomp has designed the following compensator types for four different temperature groups, which are subdivided into three further types depending on the medium:


TypesMaximum temperatureSulphur pollutionComments
PFM-025-KN+250°CNoneExhaust air
PFM-025-LN+250°CLightFlue gas,
Sulphur content < 1.3%
PFM-025-SN+250°CHeavyFlue gas,
Sulphur content > 1.3%
PFM-035-KN+350°CNoneExhaust air
Schwefelgehalt < 1,3%
PFM-035-SN+350°CHeavyFlue gas,
Sulphur content > 1.3%
PFM-045-KN+450°CNoneExhaust air
PFM-045-LN+450°CLightFlue gas,
Sulphur content < 1.3%
PFM-045-SN+450°CHeavyFlue gas,
Sulphur content > 1.3%
PFM-060-KN+600°CNoneExhaust air
PFM-060-LN+600°CLightFlue gas,
Sulphur content < 1.3%
PFM-060-SN+600°CHeavyFlue gas,
Sulphur content > 1.3%


The KN types do not contain a PTFE sealing foil.
For this reason they are only suitable
suitable for low tightness requirements

The LN types have one sealing foil made of PTFE
while the SN types have two sealing foils made of
PTFE sealing foils.

PFM Multi-layer expansion joint structures for higher temperatures have a low leakage rate in the clamping area of the expansion joint. They are not nekal tight.These leaks occur due to diffusion of the medium through the insulating materials, which must be used at higher temperatures to protect the sealing foils. In combination with pre-insulation, PEKOMP also manufactures nekal-tight expansion joints for highest temperatures.