Fabric expansion joints

… are highly flexible connections in piping and apparatus for compensation of thermal expansions, acoustic and mechanical vibrations as well as inaccuracies in assembly. They are able to take up movements in the axial and lateral direction, as well as twist angle and displacement, due to their flexibility.

PEKOMP fabric expansion joints are manufactured from high-quality plastics, elastomers and asbestos-free tissues. Fabric expansion joints are used in gaseous media. For example, clean air, gases with highly aggressive, abrasive or liquid ingredients. The resulting variety of design criteria in conjunction with all other operating conditions requires a large range of possible variations of the materials used.

This also means that the increasing demands which are placed on fabric expansion joints, needs consistent product development. Through useful combinations of expansion joints and steel parts is the Solutions for difficult problems possible. The data given here for fabric expansion joints can be viewed as a guide only. Technical improvements are possible. In the selection and the planning of fabric expansion joints we will gladly advise you. Ask for our technicians.