PEKOMP soft PVC expansion joints (PVC)

PEKOMP soft PVC expansion joints are characterised by a broad chemical resistance spectrum.

They are made of sheet material in material thicknesses of 2, 4, 6 and 8 mm. All compensator designs are possible.

The fitting of support rings for negative pressure, the forming of shafts and the welding of rigid PVC flanges for direct connection to the duct flanges is also possible, as is the incorporation of a condensate drain in the expansion joint belly.




PEKOMP offers two different qualities:

Soft-PVC-C und Soft-PVC-T


QualitätTemperature rangeComments
PVC-C-30°C to +60°C- chemically highly resistant
- Wear-resistant
- honey yellow
PVC-T-45°C to +60°C- transparent, translucent, everywhere where the medium should be visible
- Wear-resistant